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After Acceptance

Congratulations on your placement at the university of your choice! Whether you're just exchanging for a semester or planning to study away for a whole academic year, we're excited for you. Both before you depart Salt Lake City and after you arrive on your home campus, there are just a few more things to take care of.

check_boxAcceptance Checklist

Placement Acceptance Form (PAF)

Following your placement, a Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) will be generated at the University of Utah NSE Office. The PAF is the legal contract between you, the University of Utah, and your host campus. We will work with you to complete the PAF. If you accept and sign the PAF, you are subjecting yourself to the terms of the contract. If you refuse to sign the PAF, your exchange will be cancelled.

Deadline for Priority Placement PAFs:

March 20th

Advising Agreement

Before your exchange, you will need to plan your course load. On the Advising Agreement Form, you will list the department, number, title, and credit hours for each course you might take at the host institution as described in the host college catalog. You should select at least twice as many courses as you plan to take on exchange and list courses for the entire period of your exchange, not just for your first term. For each course selected, attach a copy of the course description.

With the help of your academic advisor, indicate how each course will be used (to fulfill a major requirement, minor requirement, elective, general education requirement, et cetera). If the course will replace a major course, indicate the course that will be replaced. Secure the signatures of your academic advisor for major courses and a University College advisor for General Education courses. 

Deadline for Fall Agreement: April 25th
Deadline for Spring Agreement: December 5th

Register for Classes

Once you have completed the PAF, Advising Agreement, and any other forms your host campus requires, you will be eligible to register for classes whenever class registration begins at your host campus. Once you have registered for classes, send a copy of your class schedule to the NSE Office at the U.

Fall Submission Deadline: October 15th
Spring Submission Deadline: March 1st

Tuition Payment

Whether you are paying tuition to your host campus on Plan A or paying tuition to the University of Utah on Plan B, our office requires a receipt of your tuition payment while you are on exchange.

  • Special fees (housing, meals, parking, laboratory fees, art and photography supplies, course surcharges, field studies, student teaching, internship, service learning) must be paid to the University of Utah. Include any additional receipts for payments made to your host campus.
  • If your enrollment exceeds the maximum credit hour limit (18 on Plan A, 15 on Plan B), the extra credits will be billed at non-resident tuition rates.
  • Your tuition receipt is due the first Friday after the University of Utah term starts.  

Update Your Information

As soon as you arrive at your host campus and know your exchange address, phone number, and new university e-mail address, please forward your updated contact information to the NSE Office at the U within 1 week of starting classes.

Submit Your Transcript

After your exchange, arrange to have an offical transcript for the coursework completed at your host campus sent to the University of Utah Admissions Office. Courses will be applied as outlined and agreed upon in your Advising Agreement. For full-year exchanges, submit your transcript at the conclusion of your exchange rather than in-between semesters.

Deadline for Fall Transcripts: January 5th
Deadline for Spring Transcripts: June 5th

If you ever have any questions or concerns while here on exchange, contact us or the NSE Coordinator at your host campus. We are here to help you and make your exchange experience great!

Last Updated: 6/13/18