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University Scholarships Approved for NSE Programs

Students who enroll full-time through a University-approved NSE program on Plan B may choose to use the scholarships below toward the cost of their program. Some scholarships may also be deferred during the period of enrollment. Scholarships sponsored by academic departments must be approved by the scholarship’s administrator prior to the beginning of each term. 

local_atmApproved Scholarships

Scholarships for Utah Residents

  • President’s Scholarship
  • Honors at Entrance Scholarship
  • Cash at Entrance Scholarship
  • Trustees Scholarship
  • University of Utah Merit Scholarship
  • Sterling Scholar Award
  • New University Scholars Program Award
  • Valedictorian Scholarship
  • Utah Flagship Scholarship
  • Utah Academic Scholarship
  • Utah Academic Recognition Award

Scholarships for Non-Residents of Utah

  • President’s Scholarship
  • Academic Full Tuition Scholarship
  • Academic Achievement Award
  • University of Utah Merit Scholarship
  • Academic Partial Tuition Scholarship
  • Alumni U Tradition Award and Heritage Scholarship
  • New University Scholars Program Award
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Academic Distinction Scholarship
NOTE: Students participating in a Plan A NSE program should contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for questions about scholarship procedures.
Last Updated: 9/26/16