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Application Checklist

A completed application consists of six parts. A brief overview of each of these parts can be found on our Outgoing Students page.

check_boxApplication Checklist

Plan to Pay

This form is used to estimate the cost of an exchange through NSE. You are only required to complete one "Plan to Pay" form as part of your completed exchange application, using data for your first choice exchange campus, preferred payment plan, and duration of exchange. Verify all this information is accurate prior to submitting thsis form. On your application, you may list up to eight possible exchange campuses and you may choose to complete this form for each of your selected schools. The estimated totals will calculate automatically.

Cover Letter (or Letter of Intent)

In this letter, we will ask you to describe your motivation for participating in the National Student Exchange program. Career Services provides some tips for writing cover letters that you may want to review while writing. If you are still unsure what to include in your letter, consider answering the following questions:

  • Why have you selected the campuses you have listed as possible exchange sites?
  • What are you academic aspirations while on exchange (and how will they contribue to your degree program at the U)?
  • Do you expect to take courses in your major or are you more interested in non-major courses?
  • What courses are you considering taking while on exchange?
  • How will going on exchange contribute to your personal development?
  • What do you hope to accomplish on exchange that you could not do at your home campus?

Review this letter with your academic advisor to make them aware of your exchange plans and perfect your letter.

Unoffical Transcript

This transcript is used to verify the GPA you will submit on your application as well as ensure there are no missing or incomplete grades on your record prior to exchange. Make sure this document includes grades from your most previously completed semester (which may mean submitting one official transcript in your application packet, and another as you finish the current semester). Unofficial transcripts are absolutely free to generate on your own. The Office of the Registrar has a guide as to how view your Unoffical Transcript.

Recommendation Letter

Sit down with a faculty or staff member, an on-campus mentor, or your academic advisor and discuss your exchange plans with them. Ask them (no later than the beginning of February!) if they would be able to write a letter recommending you for the National Student Exchange program. Make sure the person you ask to serve as your reference is someone who can speak to your ability to succeed on an exchange experience like NSE. The Pre-Professional Advising Office has a great guide on how to request letters of recommendation.

Application for Exchange

Only after completing, saving, and requesting the above documents, begin your Application for Exchange. This online application is split into eight parts and can be saved and resumed within 30 days of beginning the application. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. The eight parts as as follows:

  1. Linking & Contact Information: This section gives you the option to link your application to that of a friend. You will also include basic identifying information, such as name, uID, and contact information.
  2. Demographic Information: Here you will verify your date of birth, gender identiy, and residency status. You will also mark your motivation for participation in the NSE program.
  3. Scholastic Information: This section requires information about your academic standing and academic plans while on exchange.
  4. Emergency Contact: Here you will identify an emergency contact and provide their contact information. If anything happens to you while on exchange, your host campus will contact this person with the information provided.
  5. Special Needs & Other Considerations: If you need anticipate needing any special accomodations (such as accessible housing, note takers or taped text, et cetera) while on exchange, please include that information here. NSE does not discriminate on the basis of special needs or circumstances. If you choose to disclose this information at this stage of the application process, both the University of Utah and your host campus can assist you in identifying a placement site which can provide reasonable accommodation of your needs. This section is also used to verify behavioral eligibility for exchange.
  6. Exchange Choices: This section finally allows you to input up to eight possible exchange sites. For possible exchange site, you will be asked to select a payment plan, the duration of your exchange, indicate housing and major course requirements, and then ask you to verify all the information you have inputted for each selection. This form will NOT auto-validate the information you provide, so it is up to you to ensure that the payment plan you have selected is available, that housing is or is not required or available, and that the major courses you may need are available to exchange students. You can verify all this information on the Member Campus Profile for the campus you have chosen.
  7. Additional Documents: Here you will attach the previously collected documents (your Letter of Intent and Unoffical Transcript) as well as identify the person you have asked to write a recommendation letter on your behalf.
  8. Final Considerations: This section of the application MUST be completed WITH an NSE Coordinator or AFTER meeting with one. These are some final terms of exchange, asking you to verify all information is correct and that you understand how the exchange process works.

Outgoing Application Fee ($250.00)

When we input your application for consideration, we are required to pay a consortium fee. Because of this, your Outgoing Application fee of $250.00 is NONREFUNDABLE. No refund will be given whether or not you are placed, accept or decline your placement, withdraw, or become ineligible. We cannot submit a request for placement until this fee has been paid.

If you have any questions as you are completing an application packet, please contact us!

Last Updated: 9/7/16